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It’s now more important than ever to check-in with your friends and family. If you’re worried about someone, don’t delay - give them a call.


Zoom is a great platform for chatting with groups of people, and for organising catch-ups with friends. Social events you could organise on zoom include:


  • Quiz nights

  • Film screenings

  • Karaoke

It’s also important to remember the elderly. A lot of people in nursing homes/healthcare facilities are getting lonely and bored due to visitation restrictions.


You can donate board games and volunteer to chat with people over the phone through

And last but not least, it’s also very important to look after yourself. In these worrying  times, sometimes just getting out of bed and facing the day is enough.


But, if you are feeling up to it, you could take part in an online exercise class:


Yoga with Adrienne


Curves with moves

To find more events, check out our online calendar

Find out more about this Sustainable Development Goal

SDG 3 Good health and well-being
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