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The last 18 months have been tough on everyone. The impacts of a global pandemic have highlighted just how vulnerable - and unequal - life on earth really is. But amidst the darkness, young people across the globe have continued to rise up for change, working towards alleviating inequality, combating climate change and building a kinder, fairer and more sustainable future for all.  

This Autumn, STAND is partnering with USI’ to celebrate our collective resilience in the face of these challenges. From the fight for climate justice to social inclusion, gender equality to mental health, this year’s #RISEUP campaign puts stories of hope, determination and resilience centre-stage. Keep an eye out for our #RISEUP Festival Exhibition coming to a campus near you!


Make the pledge to #RISEUP on your campus, and join a movement of global citizens working towards building a kinder, fairer and more sustainable world!  

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The #RISEUP campaign celebrates changemakers and trailblazers who are taking action across four categories

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Find #RISEUP festival events and activities taking place on your campus