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The world has made huge strides towards the achievement of gender equality in recent years. More women than ever before have access to education, healthcare and opportunities in the workforce. LGBTQIA+ and gender-diverse folks have won and are continuing to fight for their rights around the world. 


But the work is far from over.


Women and gender minorities continue to face disproportionate discrimination, unequal access to opportunities, gender-based violence and lack of economic and financial justice. This is a global and intersectional issue that impacts everyone. Gender-based violence, discrimination, and injustice prevents us from growing as individuals, and as communities. 


The STAND + USI #GenderJusticeNow campaign celebrates the collective actions that are bringing us closer to gender equity and raises awareness about some of the areas that still need our attention. While small every-day actions add up to change over time, we can come together as a global collective to demand #GenderJusticeNow!!

When you take the pledge to become a gender justice advocate, you'll receive an action pack with more information about gender justice and how to go beyond the every-day and the individual. 


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Check out STAND News!

We have lots of article that examine gender roles, highlight inspiring changemakers, and share opportunities to take action. 


Sign the #GenderJusticeNow pledge and join our network of students taking action.

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