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With the world in such a state of disarray, it’s difficult to feel as though any one person can make a difference. Moreover, it’s hard to summon the energy to take action when you feel drained from being stuck indoors and receiving consistently bad news.

For your own mental health, it’s important to note that some things are out of your control, and aren’t worth focusing on. You can’t control:

  • Other people’s actions at this time

  • How long this will last

  • What will happen

However, it’s also super important to recognise that there are some things you that you can control, such as:

  • Your own social distancing

  • How you follow HSE recommendations

  • What you do with your free time

There are still opportunities to enact change during COVID-19, and lot’s of small things you can take action on that will make a big difference in your local community.

We’ve compiled a list of sample actions you can take while remaining safe and healthy below, but you can also check out the full list here.

Make a pledge today to make Ireland a more sustainable and equal place to live during COVID-19.

Pledge to support the creative community

We are aware of the massive financial burden that COVID-19 is having on the creative community. Due to massive cancellations, artists and organisers are struggling to find the means to make ends meet during these unprecedented times. Tune in to an online event to show your support and donate if you can.

Here are some patreon/ko-fi accounts you could support, contact us if you would like us to include yours! :

You can also support the creative community by tuning into an online event. Check out our calendar of upcoming online events here.

Pledge to take an action>>

Pledge to look after your own mental health, as well as the mental health of others

It’s now more important than ever to check-in with your friends and family. If you’re worried about someone, don’t delay - give them a call. Zoom is a great platform for chatting with groups of people, and for organising catch-ups with friends. Social events you could organise on zoom include:

  • Quiz nights

  • Film screenings

  • Karaoke

It’s also important to remember the elderly. A lot of people in nursing homes/healthcare facilities are getting lonely and bored due to visitation restrictions. You can donate board games and volunteer to chat with people over the phone through

And last but not least, it’s also very important to look after yourself! Take time out to take part in an online exercise class, there are plenty of free classes taking place, here are just a few:

Yoga with Adrienne


Curves with moves

Pledge to take an action >>

Pledge to start an online study group, or host a webinar where you share a skill!

Now that we can’t meet in college to chat about upcoming assignments, it’s a good time to set up virtual study groups. Zoom is great for hosting meetings for a medium-to-large groups of people, You could take part in STAND’s upcoming book club to see how it works.

You could also go one step further and share any skills or talents you have with the world through a zoom webinar. There are lots of youtube videos that will give you tips for hosting your own webinar, here are just a few:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Pledge to take an action >>

Pledge to cut back on water usage now that we’re all at home

Irish water is asking the public, both households and businesses to help them in maintaining vital water and wastewater services by conserving water where possible.

Play your part by conserving water in the following ways at home:

  • Taking shorter showers

  • Turning off the water while brushing your teeth

  • Use your washing machine for full loads only

  • If washing dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing

Pledge to take an action >>

Pledge to support local businesses during this difficult time

Local businesses are struggling to keep afloat as a result of the virus.

Try to support the following types of businesses that are changing their business models to get through COVID-19:

  • Local book shops that are now doing online deliveries

  • Restaurants that are now doing home deliveries

  • Vintage clothes shops that deliver nationwide

Pledge to take an action >>

Pledge to help out your elderly neighbours whilst maintaining proper social distancing

There are still many, many more unable to leave their homes through poor mobility and fear. When doing your shopping, purchase some fresh products for an older family member, friend or neighbour and deliver it to them - all while practising social distancing and safe hand hygiene.

You can also find volunteering opportunities at any of the links below:


Corona virus volunteers Instagram

COVID-19 action for Ireland

Cork COVID-19 volunteers for the vulnerable

Corona virus volunteers Dublin

Local GAA clubs are also organising volunteering opportunities across the country, contact yours today!

Pledge to take an action >>

Pledge to list your old clothes on Depop

Doing a wardrobe clear out? Take part in the circular economy by listing clothing items you no longer love on Depop and become part of a thriving sustainable community in the process! Download the app on your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Pledge to take this action>>

Pledge to volunteer with the Health Service Executive

The HSE are recruiting for volunteers in this time of crisis. You can register your details here.

Pledge to take this action>>

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